Legal training and business skills

Whatever stage you’ve reached in your business or career, gaining additional legal and business skills can give you a head start over your competitors.

Bonaccord designs in-house training programmes in legal and business skills for commercial clients, professional bodies and academic organisations – undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. Our courses are unashamedly practical and business-orientated but are based on a solid academic structure. This is particularly valuable for students looking to a career in industry.   We can teach at a practical or academic level.  All our tutors are graduates usually with an advanced degree and have held senior positions in business.  You can meet some of them here.

Bringing business to life

Our tutors are passionate about teaching the reality of how things work in the business world, rather than how they are portrayed in the pages of a textbook. Courses can run from an hour over lunch to a full day or an academic term.

Comprehensive range of subjects

Our training is tailor-made for each client but topics might include:

Communication skills such as:

Project skills such as:


Life sciences

We offer detailed management workshops on specific topics from R&D models to market access and outsourcing, to regulation and pricing. Mentoring small groups

We can also mentor individuals or small groups in legal and management skills. This may suit both new managers and senior managers facing new challenges after a company merger.

Get in touch

Find out how we might be able to help you learn new skills – do get in touch for a complete range of courses.

Supporting academics in business and training

Our focus is on how academics and academic institutions can commercialise research.

We show you how to:

We also run bespoke training programmes to give academics and their students a vital grounding in legal and business skills, not only to commercialise their work but to enhance their career prospects.

Want to find out more?

If you’re an academic or academic institution, ask for a course list to find out how Bonaccord can help you. We have a wide range of courses on offer from the technically specific for those with a particular interest in life science to more general topics such as finance for non financial managers, negotiation and presentation skills and a variety of business analytical and project management courses.