IBA Publishes Mediation Techniques Book

I am delighted to say that the International Bar Association Mediation Techniques book that I edited and coauthored was finally published this week – actually on World Conflict Resolution Day which seemed appropriate.

The book is a collection of over 50 short essays interspersed with pages of tips covering the whole mediation process from discussing the possibility of mediation with a client to enforcement and post settlement activities. There are contributions from lawyers all over the world who are active in mediation of different sorts so in addition to the exposition of pure technical methodology we have been able to include essays on how mediation is used in specific circumstances such as in disputes over natural resources and in government contracts.

The prime goal of the book was to produce something that would be of practical use to mediators and those interested in the process at all stages of expertise but particularly to those fairly early on in their career who were looking for practical help in a single cost effective volume as so many of the leading texts seemed only to cover one or two ideas. We also wanted to open a forum to encourage the ongoing exchange of ideas on different techniques which we thought would be particularly helpful to those who were working in small jurisdictions where there were few training providers and inevitably then quite limited exposure to alternative approaches. Accordingly the book is being issued as an e-book – a first for the IBA – which has dramatically reduced the cost and those who purchase the book will also be able to join the interactive forum.

Now the cahllenge is to take it forward…

More information about the book including how to purchase a copy can be found atwww.ibanet.org/Publications/Mediation_book/Medbook_home.aspx

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