Negotiation Skills - an upsurge in demand

I’m getting a lot of demand just now for negotiation courses. I have done three very different courses for very different groups in the last couple of weeks – a Law Society course for legal trainees, an introduction to various techniques for the Licensing Executives Society in Prague and a workshop in more advanced techniques for members of the Writers to the Signet Society in Edinburgh. Most recently I have had a couple of enquiries from academic groups.

Clearly for different groups different aspects will be of particular significance. Junior lawyers will not generally be entrusted with the major part of the business deal but will often have to organise the logistics, take effective notes and may be involved in preparing the brief. They also need to understand the basic concepts to build upon as they take on greater responsibility and want to enrich their skills. For the licensing executives understanding how to most effectively present the proposal, making offers and evaluating them are important. They may also have concerns about managing expectations and meeting the non commercial interests of their principals. There are a number of different topics that can be addressed with more experienced groups. In this particular session we looked at using business techniques to support negotiations. Another popular topic is looking at how to break impasse and dealing with difficult people and one thing we did look at was understanding ourselves and our own triggers with a view to ensuring we are not that difficult person holding up the deal.

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