Our Approach

To give a flavour of the experience you can expect when working with Bonaccord we asked some of our clients to give their accounts.

We are aware that our clients expect their business with us to remain confidential and these testimonials are here with their permission. To maintain confidentiality where necessary we have only displayed their initials.

Connected and Knowledgeable

"I had met Patricia through networking some months earlier and it was clear that she “got” what I was trying to do with my Eco Innovation business.. With her experience in the life sciences area she became an informal mentor to me providing invaluable help in developing my thinking and my approach to setting up the business. It became clear that I needed outside investment to get my business really moving but I had no experience of the mechanics of such a deal and I didn’t know how to make contact with the right kind of investors. Asking Patricia to help was the obvious thing to do.

Patricia brought four main benefits:

Firstly, she “gets” the industry. She’s knowledgeable and passionate and does an excellent job of promoting your business in the right circles.

Secondly she is incredibly well connected. She knows where to go to find people with the money to invest in this industry and she quickly brought several prospective investors to the table.  

Thirdly, she goes well beyond what I would expect from a lawyer. Not only does she structure the deal but she provides brilliant guidance and enlightened me as we went through the process so that I really began to understand how it all works.

Fourthly, she defends you interests incredibly well. Dealing with investors who do this sort of thing all the time and know all the  “rules of the game” it would have been easy to be bamboozled and settle for a deal that wasn’t the best I could get. Having Patricia on my side made sure that the deal was the right one for me.

The investment I needed wasn’t huge and the fees were not very high but the amount of effort, care and attention Patricia put into the project went well beyond what I would have expected.

I can’t speak highly enough of Patricia. Without her help the deal simply wouldn’t have been done. Indeed without her support this business wouldn’t exist today.

If you have Patricia on your side you’re blessed!

 W.B.    Eco innovation Industry.

Cost Effective Specialist

"I founded a prescription pharmaceuticals company and I’m also CEO of a company developing insecticides. The development company had been using a large law firm for legal support but with large firms of course come large overheads. I was looking for a more cost effective solution for some of the more straightforward issues such as supplier contracts and Bonaccord was recommended to me from a trusted contact.

 I knew that a smaller firm would be more cost effective but what I didn’t appreciate at the time was the in-depth knowledge of the industry that Bonaccord has. I have found that over time Bonaccord have been my first point of call for an increasing range of services. I use them for the prescription pharmaceuticals business now too.

 They are very strong in licensing and handle all our licensing-in and licensing-out contracts in addition to business deals and contracts with service providers.

 They are very quick, convenient and responsive at a very attractive price. You could say we use them almost as our “in-house” lawyer. "

A. W.   Pharmaceuticals.

Insightful Experience

I have worked for three years with Patricia as a co-tutor of "Managing Intellectual Property", a very popular module on the online distance learning Masters programme offered by the University of Edinburgh Law School. Patricia wrote, developed and facilitates a semester-long case study which students work on in teams throughout the module. The case study addresses a range of issues arising in relation to the protection, commercialisation and enforcement of intellectual property. This is an innovative part of the module for which the student feedback is extremely positive. Students find the case study interesting and challenging and feel that it greatly helps them put legal theory into a real-world, commercial  context. It is a key part of the course and Patricia's involvement is invaluable.

 In addition Patricia has delivered very well received training in mediation skills during the University's Innovative Learning week. This is a week of activities aimed at broadening students' learning knowledge beyond their specific discipline. Patricia's experience and insights have been greatly valued by students attending these sessions. 

Patricia very easy to work with. She is responsive and proactive and puts a great deal into her teaching, showing a commitment which is greatly appreciated by staff and students.

Jane Cornwell, Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law, University of Edinburgh.

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