Specialty Chemicals and Engineering

Britain remains an important centre for engineering and chemical innovation.  Our clients tend to be at the cutting edge creating new products or providing services to others who are creating these new products.  We are seeing in particular a lot of interest in "green" technologies and in products that increase production efficiency.

Clients in this sector tend to be looking for advice on corporate structuring and out sourcing as well as help with investment, R&D collaborations and employment contracts.  We have also assisted with testing contracts, purchase and exchange of experimental materials and contracts for bespoke “design and build” projects.  Increasingly our clients are becoming interested in branding and the potential for export and overseas collaborations.

Whether you are a sole trader, family business or ambitious start up we would like to think our friendly and knowledgeable service will be attractive to you and would welcome the opportunity to talk through with you how we might work together.

Chemicals and Engineering