Bonaccord wins UK Life Science Law Firm of the Year awards

This month has seen Bonaccord win the UK Life Science Law Firm of the Year award in both the Acquisition International M&A awards and the ACQ Global Awards.  Winning these accolades has been particularly exciting as neither were solicited and so came as a delightful surprise.  I am thrilled that we are receiving this recognition from the investor and deal making community and believe this is clear evidence of a growing interest and belief in the value of boutique firms.

In the last few weeks we have closed deals for Scots companies involving domestic, European and Middle Eastern investors and a major management buyout in England involving US and Japanese parties as well as Canadian and European investors. Increasingly where an investor sees an attractive opportunity they are less and less likely to be troubled by national barriers and we are seeing even private investors who have traditionally been more associated with domestic investments taking a position in foreign companies.  Award recognition such as this will, we hope will bring our firm to the attention of more of those overseas investors.

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