Our philosophy on legal services and business

Bonaccord is a law firm that works with businesses, of any shape or size. Much of our work involves helping the life sciences sector commercialise innovations, from one-man consultancies to multinationals, academics and academic institutions. We also teach business skills and carry out commercial mediation.

Probably what makes us stand out is we can offer hands-on business support as well as legal services.Bonaccord founder Patricia Barclay has decades of experience working in life science business at from local to board level, so knows intimately the realities of how business really works. She’s also able to draw on a vast network of experienced associates with specialist skills like accountancy, product testing and patenting to help you further.

Low overheads

We’re passionate about being able to help as many businesses as possible, therefore keep our overheads low. A realistic pricing structure is important so smaller companies are encouraged to use our legal services to the full.

Client-centred approach

The ability to work flexibly is another factor that sets us apart. If you’d like us to work alongside your own staff or preferred suppliers, we’re happy to. In a nutshell, we try to fit in with your preferences as a client rather than expecting you to accommodate ours.

Absolute discretion

Due to the commercially sensitive nature of our clients'business, we treat their projects with total discretion. We will never talk about specific clients or projects.

Serious about social responsibility

Supporting and mentoring young businesses:

Promoting the value of mediation:

Helping children who need it most:

It’s exciting to help clients as they work on medical advances, but sadly many children in the developing world lack even the most basic healthcare. St Andrew’s Clinics for Children (Scottish Charity 140214) do wonderful work providing necessary care to children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bonaccord founder Patricia Barclay is a member of the clinics’ board, and is committed to supporting them. Over 95% of funds the clinics raise go directly to front-line healthcare. If you’re interested in making a contribution to this worthwhile work, please do get in touch to find out more.

Lessening our environmental impact:

We’re committed to providing quality legal services that minimise our use of natural resources. Read our written environmental policy here.