The Psychology of Mediation

Patricia Barclay, founder of Bonaccord will be at Regent's University in London teaching on the IBA sponsored course in the Psychology of Mediation 27h -29th October.   Patricia has been working with the faculty of Regents for the last year to develop this course which is designed to appeal to the more experienced mediator as so many courses seem largely focussed on the beginner.  The course builds on Regen's established expertise in the psychological aspects of mediation but considers the implications not just for the mediator but also for the advocate in the mediation ie the professional advisor supporting a party to the dispute. Delegates will also have the opportunity to obtain accreditation as an IMI advocate in mediation. The interactive course has attracted international interest and the presence of mediators from a wide range of backgrounds is expected to lead to some very interesting discussions.

The next edition of our newsletter for those interested in dispute resolution "Bonresolve" will carry a review of the course and details of the topics covered.  If you would like to receive this you can sign up for the newsletter on our " Contact Us" page

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