Patricia Barclay has been appointed to the board of Cicero

Patricia Barclay has been appointed to the board of Cicero, the international alliance of boutique commercial law firms with effect from 1st January 2019.  Also joining the board is Steven Bivacco of Belgian law firm Ardent  .  Steven has particular expertise in construction law.  Patricia also serves on the marketing committee which is currently working on a new website for the alliance under the leadership of Luke Conner, founder of Conner & Co in Moscow  Luke is an expert in corporate finance.

Unlike many alliances members of Cicero commit to meeting regularly so the lawyers get to know each other and their individual expertise.  This means we can make meaningful referrals when clients need support for international expansion and also allows lawyers in the network can get guidance on a myriad of topics outside their own area of practice. We are also looking at ways in which lawyers in different firms with shared interests can work even more closely; one area that particularly interests us is space law where a number of Cicero firms have extensive expertise that we would like to ensure is made available to our ambitious space and satellite clients.

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